How to Check Backlinks in Google Search Console? [Complete Guide]

I have been blogging since a year, simultaneously I have built powerful dofollow, nofollow backlinks to my website, but I’m not sure they are crawled by the Google or not, can you guide me how to check backlinks in Google search console?

Yep sure, we will guide you to check backlinks in Google search console, dofollow, nofollow backlinks are very crucial for any website to rank well on search engines.

check backlinks in google search console option

Google search console is one of the best webmaster tools to analyze the websites, you can set international targeting in Google search console, and you can submit sitemap to Google search console to index the articles in search engines.

You even remove URL from Google index to secure the information from the public, these are the features we need to aware of to configure our website in Google search console.

#What is Backlink?

Google, Bing, Yahoo search engines are most powerful gatekeepers of information and every day thousands of information is indexing in search engines.

Managing the millions of data is not an easy task for any search engines because first, they have to analyze the data then they need to index those articles.

After indexing the articles in databases, now search engines will hunt for keywords to rank on the web, to rank the keywords, articles, every search engine has strong algorithms.

Every search engine follows their own strategy to rank the websites on the web, the most common strategy is backlinks.

At first search engines crawl the web pages then rank the keywords, articles on the top even though two websites have the same content.

The basically the scenario is, if two websites have the same content topic, they search engines will rank the website which has powerful backlinks link to it.

Backlinks are nothing but the incoming links from other websites, they may be nofollow or dofollow, and the most important thing is, only dofollow backlinks are considering to rank the websites, nofollow backlinks are just supportive links, search engines do not consider them to rank the sites.

#How to check backlinks?

You can check backlinks in various tools such as Semrush, majestic, etc. tools, but the majority of the people says that backlink checker tools are okay but not great for the confirmation.

Few backlink checker tools will help you to understand the link building and few backlink checker tools you need to get a premium membership.

Instead of wasting bucks on backlink checker tools, you can use the most powerful webmaster tool Google search console.

You may show thousands of backlinks in backlink checker tools, but finally what matter is Google search console analytics.

So you can use backlink checker tools, but the data shown in Google search console is the genuine and most trustable, the same data only crawled by the search engines.

#How to create backlinks?

Well, anyone can easily create backlinks to the websites, and creating backlinks is a simple task and an interesting task.

Pay attention to create PR7 Backlinks Guide to Getting Backlinks in 40 Seconds, and PR9 dofollow backlinks as well free PR8 dofollow backlinks which can boost your rankings in search engines.

YouTube backlinks, Google drive dofollow backlink, Google plus Dofollow backlinks these are the most wanted backlinks for any website.

Damn sure, your website will rock in 2-3months once the above-mentioned backlinks are indexed by search engines.

These are the complete information about backlinks, so hope you will understand the importance of the backlinks.

Let me guide you about how to check backlinks in Google search console, and keep in mind that you need to build quality backlinks to your website, spam backlinks degrade your website performance in search engines.

How to Check Backlinks in Google Search Console?

Always prefer to check backlinks in Google search console, because search console analytics matter most for the search engines to rank your website.

Backlink checkers are good, but not give accurate results as Google search console.

Daily at least once monitor your website analytics in Google search console, because your competitor may create spam backlinks to destroy your website.

Pay attention to avoid traffic from unwanted links, Google panda will hit your website if you do not monitor or configure your website in search engines properly.

Let me guide to check backlinks in Google search console so that you can aware of the website backlinks.

#Steps to check backlinks in Google search console:

Step-1) To check backlinks in Google search console tools, First, log into Google search console.

After login, now select your website property for which you want to check backlinks in Google search console (Refer the screenshot, I have selected my website property).

web property

Step-2) Now, from left navigation panel, you need to click on “Links to Your Site” option under “Search Traffic” option (Refer the screenshot).

Links to your site

Step-3) Under “Total links” you can check your website backlinks, these are the crawled backlinks from the search engine.

check backlinks in google search console

“Who links the most”, “Your most linked content”, and “How your data is linked?” Are the sections, which can help you to monitor in detail of the backlinks.

#Who links the most: This section helps you to identify that from which domain your website is getting backlinks, and you can verify the number of backlinks from an each incoming website.

#Your most linked content: In this section, you can verify that which article is mostly linked by other website and the URL of the articles.

#How your data is linked: Here you can verify that how your website data is linked and anchor text of the backlinks.

You can use the above sections to analyze complete details of backlinks pointing to your website.

These are the complete steps to check backlinks in Google search console.

FAQs about to check backlinks in Google search console

Q) How to check backlinks for a website?

A) You can use backlink checker tools, or you can check backlinks in Google search console, but suggested to use both of them for a better understanding of your website backlinks.In backlink checker tools, you can verify the authority and quality of the backlinks, in Google search console you can check the total crawled backlink information.

Q) Is Google backlink checker is trusted?

A) Yep, the most trusted backlink checker tools are Google search console, sometimes even premium backlink checker tools may mislead the number of links, but Google search console does not let you trouble, it always help you by providing needed information regarding the website.

You must learn how to boost traffic with StumbleUpon social platform? because social traffic helps your domain to rank well on search engines.

Do you know! Only indexed articles drive organic traffic to your website, and for that, you need to submit the sitemap to Google search console tool.

Feel free to comment your queries, so that we will help you to resolve it ASAP, and how many backlinks are pointing to your website? do you have any strong dofollow backlink?

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