Cheap WebHosting Strategies For Newbie Bloggers

Here we go for Cheap WebHosting Strategies For the bloggers…

As a newbie blogger or pro blogger, whenever you start a new website, one of the biggest conflicts is finding Cheap WebHosting for your website, Many best web hosting companies are providing Cheap WebHosting services but you have to choose perfect and suitable cheap web hosting for your needs. Many newbie bloggers are exploring cheap web hosting reviews in the hosting forums but still they stay in conflict to picking up the best Cheap WebHosting for their websites.Today’s article I will share you few important ethics about Cheap WebHosting services and it’s strategies to select a best hosting provider for your requirements.

Cheap WebHosting

Basically, we have so many best web hosting companies in the market but some hosting companies are misguiding customers by offering irrelevant features which we do not need for our website, so you need to pickup hosting companies which are providing high-quality packages with reasonable cost and offer your site optimal performance and support.First, let me discuss Webhosting terminologies then we can explore more features of Cheap WebHosting for our websites.

What is web hosting and how does it work? 
Web hosting is an important to make new website,It refers to the activity or business of providing storage space and access for websites, in simple terms we can say that web hosting is a storage place where your website files live and a domain name makes it easy to find these files over the internet, bloggers must need a host to have a website.In hosting, every website will get space and bandwidth to run the business.

What are the Types of Hosting?
We are having many types of hosting in the market but I will discuss few important types of hosting for our website needs.

  • Smaller hosting services
  • Larger hosting services

Smaller hosting services: it’s a small scale file hosting strategy, a protocol such as files are uploading via FTP(file transfer protocol) and the files are delivered to the web with minimal processing.ISP(internet service providers)will offer this service free to the customers but for bloggers, this type of service are may not be useful to fulfill their requirements.

Larger Hosting Services: Here bloggers can develop complex websites and we have the database support, tools and we can develop applications in many platforms such as ASP.Net, JavaEE, PHP and etc. Larger hosting service having sub-services they are,

  • Shared web hosting service: Shared web hosting is the most popular hosting type in the market because it is cheaper than dedicated managed web hosting service.Shared web hosting means multiple websites will share the same server but each and every website have their own space and bandwidth to run their business smoothly.In shared web hosting bloggers will pay less amount for services, and need not worry about administrate hosting because, shared web hosting companies will take care of it
  • Reseller Webhosting: in Reseller web hosting individuals can become web hosts themselves, we have many cheapest web hosting reseller in the market which will provide the hosting plans, technical support for their clients.
  • Dedicated managed web hosting: In dedicated managed web hosting client will get their own web server, administrative access, dedicated managed web hosting have the cheapest, less expensive dedicated plans but clients are responsible for managing security, maintenance of the servers.
  • Cloud Hosting: cheap cloud web hosting is a new type of platform, here client is allowed to host their websites on a cloud reliable load balanced servers.Nowadays cheap cloud web hosting become much popular than other web hosting services.

Cheap WebHosting Strategies


First bloggers better to get in touch with a designer and then get all the understanding and also what are you looking for a website then contact the Cheap WebHosting providers so that they can help you in a better way. To select Cheap WebHosting providers, bloggers must mind the below strategies.

  • Choosing Cheap WebHosting Providers
  • Hosting in Linux or Windows
  • Miscellaneous things

Choosing Cheap WebHosting Providers:  To make a website you will need a Domain name & hosting space, then you can design your website. Almost every hosting company will offer packages and a variety of options but choose the best hosting company by exploring cheap web hosting reviews forums on the internet, next you need to pick up the hosting company based on your requirements such as

  • space needed
  • server location
  • traffic expected
  • the purpose of the site
  • Windows or Linux configuration

Most of the time If you can tell the purpose of your website to hosting providers sure they can help you with the best possible solution to meet your needs and not worry about multiple requirements.

Hosting in Linux or Windows: – newbie bloggers need not to confused in selecting Linux, windows configuration to their websites, Basically, both Linux and windows can handle PHP scripts but only windows allows the ASP.NET development environment to the bloggers so based on your requirement you may choose either of them to build your websites

Miscellaneous things: Most of the time bloggers are attracting to the high packages provided by Cheap WebHosting companies and proceeding with them but you must consider few Miscellaneous things before proceeding with hosting providers, they are

  • 24/7 Technical Customer Support
  • Space and Bandwidth
  • Security for domain
  • Setting up a website
  • Services such as unlimited emails, CPanel, WordPress, website builder and etc

Make sure to consider above-mentioned things while opting Cheap WebHosting providers because to avoid fraudulent hosting providers in the market, Have look here for few best hosting services in the world. 

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