Change cPanel Password in GoDaddy Guide with Images

Oops! suddenly someone has logged in my twitter account and tweeted abused words but it wasn’t me, Hey recently my website is hacked and now it’s behaving like anonymously, what is the root cause? Have you ever been a wonder with this titles? if your answer is Yes! then one of the opportunity to hack your account is “Your Password”, so immediately change cPanel password in GoDaddy with a strong password

If your account password doesn’t have strong characters then hackers may hack your account and they may do changes in your accounts. Today’s article I’m gonna share with you about “how to choose a strong password?” and “how to change cPanel password in GoDaddy?” with complete screenshots.

How to Change cPanel Password in GoDaddy

“Hacking” became one of the terrible terms in online business, you must protect your website accounts with strong passwords, Kindly change your simple passwords into strong passwords by following my suggestions.In this guide I will share you about how to change cPanel password in GoDaddy, first let me explain how to choose a strong password for your websites.

How to choose strong password for cPanel account


“Password” gives a life to your accounts, so be confidential and do not share your passwords with any other person. Follow all these guidelines to set your password in cPanel account.

  • Your password must contain uppercase & lower case letters(ex:- R,G,D,A,d,f,g)
  • Password should have one special character(ex:- !@#$%^&*)
  • Better to have numbers in Passowrd(ex:- 3,5,6,7)
  • It should meet minimum 10+ characters.
  • For each 15 days, you need to change cPanel password in GoDaddy.

Example password: – GoogleHowdy@790

Make sure to change cPanel password in GoDaddy by following above guidelines.
In case if you have all combinations in your password then you may ignore the guide.

we can easily change cPanel password in GoDaddy by following few steps, just follow-up me to change your password in cPanel.

How to Change cPanel Password in GoDaddy


GoDaddy is one of the best hosting providers in the world, GoDaddy provides you A to Z services regarding domains, such as you can register domain plans & you can buy SSL certificates to manage your domains efficiently but you need to be confidential with the passwords.
Let me share you about how to change cPanel Password in GoDaddy’s account.

Step-1) To change cPanel Password in GoDaddy first log in to your GoDaddy’s account,
Once you logged-in now you need to click on your account’s top right corner of the page(As shown in the below image) then below you will get multiple options as shown below, now you need to click on “Manage Your Hosting” option.

GoDaddy manage your hosting option

Step-2) Once you click on “Manage Your Hosting” option, immediately you will get all your hosting accounts details.Now you need to click on “Settings” option respected to your hosting account.I have hosted only one website so I’m clicking on>Settings option.

godaddy domain information

Step-3) After clicking on “Settings” option you will get one dialog box on your screen, Now select the 2nd option “Password”(refer the image for clarification)

change cPanel password in GoDaddy

Step-4) Make sure to choose a strong password by following above guidelines and after entering password click on “Change Password” option.

Yaay! it’s done you have successfully change cPanel password in GoDaddy’s account.
I hope you are comfortable with the step by step process and hoping that you were able to change cPanel password in GoDaddy easily.

if you face any technical issue then you can leave your valuable comments so that I’ll help you to resolve them.

OMG! is it true? Yes, it’s true, GoDaddy provides you an option to create free emails through cPanel.

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