Get Free Domain for Blogger

How to Get Free Domain for Blogger (.tk) and Link to Blogger [With Images]

Are you looking to get free domain for blogger? Such as .tk, .ml, .ga, .gc, .gq extension domain name and link to blogger immediately. Yep, you came to the right…

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Mobile indexing first

Google Has Started the Mobile First Indexing [Latest Update]

Ouch! Since a couple of weeks, my website traffic is down by 60%, it seems Google has been updating its algorithms, is really Google has started the Mobile first indexing?…

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Google Analytics blogkeep

How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress without Plugin? [With Pictures]

Do you want to verify your website traffic stats? And don’t you want to analyze that from which country you’re website getting more traffic? For that are you looking to…

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freelance writing job

5 Ways to Get Through Your Freelance Writing Job

Are you free? Want to earn more money??  Start your freelancing business part time or full time. Freelancing is now turning to be a mainstream form of business wherein one…

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manage multiple wordpress

Why And How To Manage Multiple WordPress Websites? [Complete Guide]

Yep, You can manage multiple WordPress websites easily in few simple steps, this technique saves your energy and time, instead of spending time on multiple WordPress sites, learn how to manage…

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How to Check Internal Links in Google Search Console? [Complete Guide]

I have verified my website backlinks in Google search console, now I would like to check my website internal links so can anyone help me to check internal links in…

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How to Check Backlinks in Google Search Console? [Complete Guide]

I have been blogging since a year, simultaneously I have built powerful dofollow, nofollow backlinks to my website, but I’m not sure they are crawled by the Google or not,…

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How to set International Targeting in Webmaster Tools? [Complete Guide]

Ouch! I have been writing articles to reach USA audience, but my website is getting most of the traffic from other countries, I need to set International Targeting in Webmaster…

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How to Submit Sitemap to Google Search Console? [Complete Guide]

I have been blogging since 2 months, but not even one post is visible in search engine results, I heard that we need to submit sitemap to Google search console,…

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How to Remove URL from Google Index? [Complete Guide]

Hey, I’m running a very confidential business, all my articles are indexed and visible to the public, but I do want to de-index those articles and if possible I need…

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