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When you first join up the ranks in digital marketing, things tend to be rather confusing at first. It would even seem like people in this industry are talking in gibberish; it’s as if they’ve come up with their own dictionary and you don’t know the first thing about it.

They use all these acronyms and codenames for things that it gets plenty confusing, really (check this out). However, when you begin to get really into it, you’ll soon realize that all these terms aren’t so difficult to understand, after all.

You’ll see that these terminologies are all meaningful and they signify methods that are very important in the marketing scene of today.

One of those key terms is SEO which is short for Search Engine Optimization. But before we delve into nitty-gritty world of SEO, I think it would be more appropriate to start from the roots in order for you to have a better understanding of what search engine marketing and what it’s for.

Let me first introduce you to the world of Internet Marketing.

Introducing the World Of Internet Marketing

World Of Internet Marketing

Ever since the Internet was introduced, change has been set in motion. And I’m not just talking about a local or simple change – I’m referring to a global transformation.

The Internet has brought upon a great revolution to the world. This transformation is reflected even in how we accomplish day-to-day tasks. From communication, transportation, learning, and even doing business, the Internet has made the Earth a smaller place.

Now, we can reach far and wide, tap markets we never knew was possible, and even communicate and transact with people halfway across the globe with much ease.

All you need really is the Internet and a device that can connect to it. Read more:

You think of the Internet as an extension of the world we live in. However, the only difference is that there is nothing tangible there. It’s all code and data floating in a limitless and unreachable space.

Like in the physical world, the Internet makes use of “addresses” to locate certain fields of information.

We refer to these “locations” as websites and they can be traced using their corresponding web addresses or URLs. To date, we have billions of domains and websites online. There’s a multitude of information just floating in this limitless sea of data. So, how is this enormous amount of data organized?

Well, this is where search engines come in.

Search engines like Google act as the librarian for these multitudes of information. Through utilizing the search box provided by search engines, we can type in the information or data we wish to retrieve from the internet and the search engine, in turn, will try to get it for us.

Every search engine has its own algorithm and system for ranking online data. They try to arrange results from the most relevant to the least relevant.

This is why many people (if not all) seek a search engine’s assistance whenever they are in need of something (e.g. buy a new shoe, get a pest control service, tec.) If you’re the type to think “business,” then you probably see where I’m going here.

Since search engines act as the portal to the multitudes of information available online and they get decide their own ranking system, it would make sense to build your website in a way that satisfies their criteria for ranking, right? After all, it would mean you get to rank higher in the results pages and that means more exposure to users.

This process of “building” your website to suit a search engine’s taste is what we call SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Do You Need Business SEO?

Well, that depends on your answer to this question: Do you want to better your online sales or not?

We are currently facing a global market. This means that there is a lot of opportunities to tap into bigger markets, international ones at that.

If you want to get ahead of the competition and increase your site visitations, then it would make sense for you to try all proven methods for internet marketing out there, including SEO.

Luckily, a good SEO company for small businesses (and big ones as well, of course) exist. They are here to help you understand the jungle that is the internet.

Business SEO is a little different from your regular SEO.

Aside from drawing in traffic to your website, it also tries to optimize your website so that it brings in more sales and conversions.

It’s not enough for people to just visit your domain, after all. If you’re going to survive in this world of E-commerce, you have to encourage them to actually make a purchase too.

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