Guide to Build Your Own Website Free and Gain Your Customers’ Trust

create free website

Want to build your own website free?

Are you wondering how to gain your customers’ trust in the brand?

If your answer to any one of these questions is “yes” then continue reading this article and you will come to know all you need to know.

Building your own free website for free is no more wishful thinking, today we actually have advanced web platforms available that have made this dream of masses become the reality of many.

create own website

No matter what is the size of your business, the markets you operate in and the industry you are part of, we all are looking for new and successful ways to gain our customers’ trust.

Your customers’ trust in you and your business will help you go a long way ahead.

Today, with how necessary computers, web, internet and the overall role of technology has gotten, it is not a surprise that masses have started to relate the credibility and trust in a brand with the availability, accessibility, experience, and quality of the specific brand’s website.

Signing up with an online website builder by creating your free account with them, is really all you need to do to be able to build your own website free.

The interface of these website builders is user-friendly and it is built specifically to cater to laymen who do not have any coding skills and might not even be very technology-savvy.

Most online website builders come with features like drag and drop tool and fully pre-designed website templates, which enable you to build your own free website in a couple of hours by just moving elements around to be up to your satisfaction.

Check out these simple steps that will help you build your own website free and make it live in just a couple of hours.

#Choose your website builder

Luckily, there are a number of online website builders that offer free building your website.

Hence, make sure you do your research and pick a website builder that you believe will help you build your website to go with your vision and requirements.

website builders

While picking your website builder make sure you consider your long-term plans as well.

For example, if you plan on increasing the size of your website by using graphics like videos and gifs, it is important that you make sure your website builder supports this plan with their free package or otherwise you should plan to upgrade as the time comes.

Eg. GoDaddy’s Website Builder, Wix website builder and Squarespace, etc.

#Create your free account

Once you have picked your website builder, create your free account on the platform. Most website builders require you to create your free account whether you avail free package or buy a paid plan.

Some platforms may require you to give billing information with a free package as well due to verification purpose but they won’t charge you until you upgrade or buy their paid plan.

#Pick your pre-designed website template

Your chosen website builder would have the number of free pre-designed website templates or styles, which most likely would be categorized into different industries.

create free website

Now you will have to go through the template options under your industry, such as fashion and style, events, blogs, restaurants, businesses, online stores and online portfolio.

There would be a handful of options under each industry and you are to pick the one that you feel is the closest to your personal website vision and needs.

These templates are fully designed website and you can pick one for yourself free of cost, without needing any coding skills.

#Customize your website template

Now that you have selected your website template, you know what your website will look like but there is still lots of space to customize your website and give it more personal touch.

Having a free website template, it is even more important for you to not lose any chance to customize your website.

One way to customize your website is to replace the images and other graphics that come with your free website template.

You may use stock images but make sure they are relevant to your industry, market and your target audience.

Moreover, to create a stronger connection with your audience, to gain their trust and to create your brand credibility in the market, you can include your and/ or your team’s photos on your website.

This way your website visitors may feel like they are dealing with a real person and not with a business.

Content creation is another great way to customize your website, which might be more necessary than just replacing your website images.

Good, engaging, smart and original website content is the way to keep your audience coming back for more.

Including content like about us, your mission statement and business values will make it easy for your audience to trust you and buy from you.

#Review your website and proofread your content

Your website is never complete until you have reviewed it and thoroughly checked the navigation system on the website and the website visitor’s cycle.

website content ideas

Next, you are to proofread each and every piece of content and look for any grammatical or structural mistakes.

Furthermore, make sure you also look for any blur images or unclear and confusing font style that might be used on your website.

#Publish your website

Once you have looked at and taken care of any possible errors and negligence on your part, it is time to share your website with the world.

A lot of website builders also offer website hosting services, otherwise, website hosting services are pretty easy to find nowadays.

Before you make your website live or soon after, make sure you announce its launch may be on your social media channels or on any offline business location.


As you can see the above-mentioned steps to build your own website free is a rather easy and intuitive process than one might think.

On the other hand, a chance to get your own website for free is an opportunity no one would want to miss.

For a business today to survive in the competitive markets and plan to expand in long run, a business website is more of necessity than a choice or luxury.

With your free website, gaining customers’/ clients’ trust is really just the tip of the mountain when you consider the overall benefit and opportunities it brings your way.

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