How Did Blogging Tools Become the Best ? Find Out

Blogging Tools? It’s been almost many years that I’m into blogging and with time I have used a many popular application software,blogging tools and website builders to enhance my blogging worldwide.I hope it’s a good idea to share what all the tools, a software I  use in my blogging. I’m going to share something new today about Blogging Tools, and most of the tools are works well on the desktop.

Blogging Tools

List of Best Blogging Tools for Your Blog


Let me clear out what do I mean by Blogging tools,these are usually those blogging software tools,which are helping us to minimize the blogging time,I’m sure this will help newbie bloggers to get more exposure from popular search engines

Windows Live Writer: It’s a desktop editor,works well with almost all popular blogging platforms.Windows Live Writer will help you to increase a productivity in the blogging world,This is an entirely functional desktop editor,it means not only writing content, you can add,edit and enhance the images in this tool.Windows writer is mostly used for watermarking images in windows.You can find a look and feel platform for writing the content in this tool,to download click here.Windows Live Writer work well with windows users,it doesn’t work with Mac users and Mac user can refer to Mac desktop editor.

Blogo(Desktop blog editor for Mac): Blogo tool is strongly recommended for Mac users,Mac users shouldn’t miss on using Blogo to made Blogging easy. Blogo is desktop editor where you can do offline writing and you can directly publish to your WordPress blog from the dashboard of Blogo.Blogo offers many features to the users such as image editing,you can upload the images from your desktop,For Mac users it’s best blogging tool, I recommend you to install,Click here to download: Make sure to download desktop comfortable Blogging Tools.

Grammarly: I have been using Grammarly tool since many years,English is not my first language and I make silly grammatical mistakes in my posts,to avoid and overcome my weakness I installed this tool and tool is helping me with the proof-reading but the process was time-consuming.I really love it and highly recommended for anyone who is struggling with English,Just click the link for free using Grammarly Tool :Click Here:

BuzzSumo: It’s the free tool that you should know of and make sure to start using right now for your blog,with BuzzSumo you can find most shared content from any blog.You just need to do is add the URL of the blog and it will show you most shared post from that blog on social media platforms,you can apply many filters on BuzzSumo to find out your niche content ,you can try the tool for free : Click Here

Content Title Maker: The crucial element for the success and vital of your blog post is Title,Portent is a nice tool which will generate a catchy title for your blog posts,this is a free title generator tool,to try out Click here 
How to use the Tool:

  • Open the given link
  • You will find a search box to enter the topic of your content
  • Click arrow -> button
  • Automatically it will generate title for you
  • Copy it and use for your blog post

Buffeapp: If you have a multimedia social media profiles then I would highly recommend for you to use this tool because this tool will help you to keep your social profile active. Bufferapp offers many add on for quick share and you can use it for your browser by adding in add on.

Semrush tool: Semrush tools is very popular and useful tool for any-kind of bloggers, who doesn’t like to dig down a lot on SEO strategies.This tool will find out the keywords for your blog and it will also let you monitor your blog back-links and SEO reports for your website,So for the newbie bloggers,this one is highly recommended to popular your new website in a blogging world.

Well, these are some of those useful Blogging Tools that popular bloggers use and I would suggest you to use it while writing blog posts,and titles for your blog.

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