Bidvertiser Review (Latest Payment Proofs & Guide)

bidvertiser review

Are you looking for pay per click advertising network for your blogs? Do you ever hear about Bidvertiser? ‘No’ Then this Bidvertiser review guide with payment proofs will let you know about PPC advertisings.

Bidvertiser is one of the best pay per click advertising agency in the market, and in this article, I’ll share complete details about Bidvertiser review with payment proofs.

In few forums, niche bloggers are discussing Bidvertiser, and many of them are confusing and asking me that Bidvertiser is legit or scam website?

The simple and straightforward answer is, Bidvertiser is not a scam website, and its legitimate site and running successfully for many years in the market.

However, every blogger shows enthusiasm to get an approval from Google AdSense, but only few niche bloggers can achieve the feat.

If you get an approval from Google AdSense, then, in addition, you may happily use these Bidvertiser ads on your blogs.

If your application got rejected by Google AdSense, although you have thousands of other ways to earn money with your blogs, such as Bidvertiser PPC program and etc.

Irrespective of other advertising programs, we can say that Still, Google AdSense is one of the best advertising programs on the market.

But for few niches, Google AdSense works well, for few niches Bidvertiser works better than any other advertising programs.

I’m not saying that Bidvertiser ads will replace Google AdSense ads, but you can give it a try for Bidvertiser as well to make more money from PPC campaigns.

Eventually, you will come to know which advertising is best for your blogs.

First, let me introduce you about Bidvertiser, and how Bidvertiser works for publishers? and Bidvertiser review.

#What is Bidvertiser? And how it works?

Bidvertiser is a one of the best pay per click basis advertising agency in the market, AdSense and Bidvertiser have been started in the same year.

Google AdSense has its own terms and policies, and Bidvertiser also has its own terms and policies for their advertisers, publishers.

As we aware of Google AdSense ads that, the ads will be display based on content, user interest, but Bidvertiser ads are niche related, call to action ads on the blogs.

Only high paying niche related ads will be displayed on the blogs, so high competition, profitable niches have more chances to earn more bucks from Bidvertiser.

You can expect maximum clicks for your Bidvertiser ads, and for every Bidvertiser ads, you will be credited with decent bucks.

You can place any number of Bidvertiser ads on your website, there is no limitation, so find out best ad placements and place Bidvertiser ads on your blogs.

These are the details about Bidvertiser ads, and how they work for publishers.

Let me discuss Bidvertiser review, and its pros and cons with you so that you will come to know the importance of Bidvertiser ads.

Bidvertiser Review For Publishers [Latest Payment proof & Guide]

Bidvertiser review definitely help you to choose the best pay per click basis advertising program to monetize your blogs.

In addition to AdSense ads, you even monetize the blogs with Bidvertiser ads, surely they will help you to maximize the earnings.

First, you need to analyze that, Google AdSense ads are working better for your blogs, or not if AdSense ads are working fine, although you can monetize your blog with Bidvertiser ads.

If you had bitter experience with Google AdSense, then the best alternative is Bidvertiser PPC ads, surely they will maximize your earnings.

Let me start Bidvertiser review by comparing Bidvertiser vs AdSense advertising programs.

#Bidvertiser vs AdSense

Obviously, every advertising program has ups and down, and no one can say that, which advertising ads work well for your blogs.

Frequently, Webmasters need to experiment with various ads campaigns, because to aware of the best-earning method for the blogs.

In Bidvertiser vs AdSense, we can say that both have its own importance, pay rates, but let me discuss both key features to let you know the best ads to monetize the blogs.


  • Within a couple of minutes, you can sign up Bidvertiser and display ads on your blogs.
  • Every niche is accepted except adult niches.
  • New blogs, low traffic, low-quality blogs can get an easy approval.
  • Bidvertiser ads are bit low quality but niche driven.
  • Every Pay per click is differ based on niche and for few, niches PPC is not at all good.


  • AdSense approval takes time and it’s a two-step process.
  • No one can assure that, which blog is going to AdSense approved, sometimes, even professional blogs also got rejected.
  • The only quality content website got approved for AdSense.
  • AdSense ads are high quality.
  • PPC is really good compared to Bidvertiser.

These are the few key feature of Bidvertiser vs AdSense advertising programs.

Now let me discuss Bidvertiser ad types and Bidvertiser ad formats which can support to use on your blogs.

#Bidvertiser Ad Formats & Ad types

Bidvertiser facilitate many ad formats for their publishers, publishers have to do an experiment on each ad format, ad placement to find out the best one which can maximize the earnings.

Below are the Bidvertiser ad formats:

  • Rectangle formats (300X250, 240X400, 336X280, 180X150)
  • Banner ads (468X60, 234X60, 120X240)
  • Leaderboard (728X90)
  • Skyscraper (120X600)

The above mentioned are the Bidvertiser ad formats, you can choose any format which fit your website screen.

The best performing Bidvertiser ad formats are Leaderboard and Skyscraper but experiment on every ad format for a couple of weeks to understand its performance.

Now let me discuss Bidvertiser ads types with you so that you can come to know best Bidvertiser ad types for your site.

  • Slider ads
  • Pop under ads
  • Toolbar Creator
  • XML feeds

These are the Bidvertiser ad types, which can support, able to display on your blogs and let me discuss Bidvertiser payment methods and minimum payout details.

#Bidvertiser payment method options

Every pay per click advertising network have minimum threshold payouts, so your revenue must meet the threshold to cash out the bucks.

Google AdSense have minimum $100 bucks threshold, if ads revenue cross the threshold, you can cash out the money through various transfer modes.

Bidvertiser payment methods vary from other pay per click advertising networks, here you can quickly pay out because the minimum threshold is very less.

So every blogger can make use of Bidvertiser payment method options, because, you never need to worry to reach $100 and etc. high threshold.

Bidvertiser pays you on month basis, on every month end you will get paid via PayPal, wire transfer and etc. modes, but revenue must cross the minimum threshold.

Now let me tell you the minimum threshold of Bidvertiser and Bidvertiser payment method modes for quick pay.

  • PayPal-Minimum payout $10
  • Payza- Minimum payout $10
  • Check- Minimum payout $100
  • Wire Transfer- Minimum payout$500

These are the Bidvertiser payment method options, and threshold frequency your revenue need to reach.

Not only on pay per click basis, even bloggers can earn with Bidvertiser Referral Program, so let me discuss Bidvertiser Referral Program and its advantages.

#Bidvertiser Referral Program

Most of the pay per click advertising networks pay you when reader’s clicks on the ads, but Bidvertiser Referral Program facilitate more even offers to you.

You need to display Bidvertiser Referral Program button on your website when the user follows up the link and sign up an advertiser or publisher, eventually, you will get paid.

Here are the Bidvertiser Referral Program policies.

  • If advertiser sign-up with your referral link and spend $10 on Bidvertiser platform, you will credit $5 to your account.
  • If publisher sign-up with your referral link and earned $10 on the Bidvertiser then you will be credited with $10.
  • If publisher earned $50, at the same time, you will be credited with $40 to your account.

These are the Bidvertiser Referral Program terms and conditions, you can earn unlimited bucks with multiple resources.

Definitely, Bidvertiser Referral Program helps you to earn decent bucks even though your ads don’t perform well because your referee will make money for you.

#Bidvertiser payment proof

Hope you are eagerly waiting to see Bidvertiser payment proofs to get started Bidvertiser on your website, isn’t it?

I have multiple niche websites, now I have been showing you one of the website revenue and Bidvertiser payment proof to inspire you more.

Here’s the Bidvertiser payment proof:

Bidvertiser payment proof

This Bidvertiser payment proof definitely inspires you more and surely you will start to monetize your website with Bidvertiser.

For me, it took a year to earn the displayed money on my other niche website.

So do not lose the hope, always try to make maximum cash out from every possibility with the Bidvertiser PPC network.

#Bidvertiser earnings

Bidvertiser earnings purely rely on the user action, if you get more clicks, you will credit more bucks to your account.

bidvertiser earnings

Google AdSense pays you better than Bidvertiser clicks, but Google AdSense only pays you for the click, but Bidverister pays you for the clicks, as well when click turns to the conversation, you will get a commission from it.

Perhaps, Google AdSense may pay you $1 or $2 per click, but Bidvertiser average pay per click is around $0.10 to $1 but when click turns to the conversation, you will get 5-10% commission from it, such as $1-$10 extra bucks.

Bidvertiser CPM rates are decent and surely help to earn maximum bucks from the clicks.

However, Bidvertiser earnings totally rely on user actions, so experiment on perfect ad placements, ad types, ad formats to maximize your earnings.

After monetizing my niche blog, I get paid very less Bidvertiser CPM rates, although I use Bidvertiser continuously in my niche blog.

After passing 6-7 months, I can see high Bidvertiser CPM rates, click through rate on my blog, and be consistent and productive with your work, Bidvertiser CPM rates automatically increase on the blogs.

#Who can go to Bidvertiser sign up?

Great, with my one year experience, I can say that who needs to go for Bidvertiser sign up.

Newbie bloggers, even with 1-day age blogs, can also go for Bidvertiser sign up the process because Bidvertiser network doesn’t have any restrictions.

If you fed-up to get an approval from Google AdSense, then you are most welcome to Bidvertiser pay per click basis agency, because Bidvertiser network, doesn’t have any approval procedure.

If you want to experiment with Bidvertiser click-through rate, you are hearty welcome to experiment on it.

Bidvertiser is alternative to AdSense because it pays you almost equal to AdSense and top legit network in the market.

Here are the quick tips, who can go to Bidvertiser sign up:

  • New blogs
  • AdSense banned or AdSense rejected sites
  • Anyone who wants to try alternative to AdSense

And Bidvertiser sign-up process doesn’t take much time, in just a couple of minutes you can set up a run the ads on your blogs.

bidvertiser sign up

Click here to start Bidvertiser sign-up the process.


#Bidvertiser ads not showing

First, sign-up with Bidvertiser pay per click network, and add Manage BidVertisers on the account.

After you will be eligible to get the code from the platform.

Now you need to follow steps.

  • First, sign-up for Bidvertiser PPC network
  • Add Manage BidVertisers on your dashboard
  • Now get the ad code, and paste into your website pages.
  • Initially, status will show as “pending”, once you place the code, click on verify button beside of the ad table in “Bidvertiser center”
  • Once you click on verify button, it will take 20-30secs and it will verify that you have placed ad codes on your site and result as verified.
  • Immediately you will see the ads on your blogs

These are the steps you need to follow when Bidvertiser ads not showing on your blogs.

Q) How much does Bidvertiser pay per click?

A) No one can predict the Bidvertiser pay per click rates, because it depends on the advertising link, and clicks from the country.

If you face any difficulty while setting up ads on your blog, just comment your query, I’ll try to resolve it. Bidvertiser contact team also help you at any time.

The Bidvertiser review helps you to choose the best pay per click network for your blogs, what do you say? Did you try Bidvertiser on your blogs? What is your experience with them?

Kindly let us know your views on the Bidvertiser, and Bidvertiser review really help you? Or need did I miss anything?

We love to hear you, please share the article on social media, and subscribe to our newsletter to let you know even more interesting monetizing methods.

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