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Webmail now being a common word was not so a few years back but the purpose was served by a different medium then. It should and has been (in a different format) the most accurate method of conversation.Pay attention, I’m gonna explain the resources for access webmail in GoDaddy.

Consider a scenario that you and your friend have an idea for a startup you spoke verbally that you both will do it together. But he instead pitched the idea to some other person, but If he conveys using electronic mails then it may be reached to million of peoples because It is most documented and fast medium of sharing messages with your digital footprint.

Nowadays in every professional business sending and receiving emails has become almost same as reading the newspaper every morning and most of the communication will happen through the webmails(Gmail, YMail and etc).To share innovative knowledge, to send daily alerts, updates to the readers’ webmasters must have an email access.A couple of days back I shared an article about “how to create a new email account in GoDaddy through cPanel“.Basically, GoDaddy allows creating free unlimited domain extension emails for our website.Once you feel comfortable with creating an email account in GoDaddy through cPanel, we can move further to access webmail in GoDaddy account.

how to access webmail in godaddy

To create free domain name extension type email ( through cPanel click here.

Creating webmail and accessing webmail in GoDaddy is an easy task and could be done quickly.We have two ways to access webmail in GoDaddy account, I’m gonna discuss both the ways in step by step process with images, kindly pay your attention for while to aware of the process.

1)we can access webmail in GoDaddy through cPanel
2)Instead of troubling with cPanel, we can directly access webmail in a simple way.

Steps to Access Webmail in GoDaddy through cPanel


Before going to start the process make sure to hosted a website in GoDaddy’s account either it’s windows or Linux hosting because to start the process, you need hosting account as well GoDaddy cPanel email login credentials.

Let me share step by step information about “How to access webmail in GoDaddy through cPanel”

Step-1) To start the process first log in to your Godaddy’s Account, Once you logged-in now you need to click on your account’s top right corner of the page(As shown in the below image), in those options just click on a My-Products option.Once you click on a My-Products option, below you will get multiple options.(check we have Domains, Web hosting, and Workspace Email).

GoDaddy my product option

Step 2) After completion of the first step now you need to click on Webhosting Manage option( I have hosted only one website so I will click on blogkeep->Manage option if you have multiple websites hosted then you need to click on Manage option, for which you need to create an email account).

Webhosting's Manage option

Step 3) Once the step-2 is done, you will automatically be redirected to your cPanel account. In cPanel you will get below options, in that we need to click on Email Account(Shown in below picture)

cPanel Email Option

Step-4) Once you click on an Email account, you will get all registered emails as shown below(I registered only one, so it’s been displaying only one email).Now click one More->Access Webmail option.

godaddy email

Step-5) GoDaddy supports 3 types of webmail applications such as Horde, Roundcube, and SquirrelMail. You can choose any application to manage your emails activity.In my case, I have chosen first one “Horde” to manage all email activities.

godaddy webmail applications

Step-6)  Here is the home page of “Horde” webmail homepage.horde webmail

So this is the complete tutorial with step by step to Access Webmail in GoDaddy through cPanel.

Steps to Access Webmail in GoDaddy without cPanel


Most of the webmasters are not aware of this process but I would suggest you, use this method while accessing webmail because in this method you need not log-in to your GoDaddy’s account or cPanel every-time.

The process is simple, let me explain the step by step process so that you will feel more comfy with the process.

Step-1)  Open your favorite web browser ex: – Google Chrome/Internet Explorer/Safari/Mozilla and etc.
Step-2) Now in URL search bar, just type yourDomainName/webmail ex:-
Step-3) You will redirect to webmail homepage and enter valid credentials.

Yup! You’re done with the process, these are the two complete step by step tutorial for access Webmail in GoDaddy through cPanel as well Access Webmail in GoDaddy without cPanel.

Recommended second one for an easy use.

In case if you find difficulty in accessing webmail, leave your valuable queries in a comment box, I’ll resolve quickly by fixing them.

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