Advantages of Having SEO Testimonials for Your Marketing Agency

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Search engine optimization or better known to the public as SEO, in simple terms is the practice of increasing both the quantity and quality of any website traffic, including promoting the brand itself via a means organic or paid practices that produce non-paid results.

A few different methodologies contribute to its processes which include knowing and understanding what the public is searching for, where they hang out, and how to target them in the best way possible.

It is about using a specific type of content that is appealing to the public and leads them to your brand when seeking specific items, or services. Finding these solutions is key to the entire process and can either make or break any brand promotion.

Why Search Engine Optimization?

There is no doubt that various platforms can create huge amounts of traffic to any website, especially social media and paid advertising practices. However, it is good to keep in mind that the majority of this traffic is driven by search engines.

Organic or free search results have more weight over paid advertisements. In the US alone, almost only 3% of people tend to click on paid ads.

Out of the 3.5 billion searches performed every day by various users of Google, this is a very small amount, when you think of where the other 97% goes? Read more about this overview and statistics on this source.

There are several things SEO can do for you and your business. Let’s take a look at a few of these benefits below.

As already mentioned, organic search is a better option when it comes to website traffic. Google is one of the most used search engines world-wide, it has over one billion users performing searches at any given time.

Secondly, SEO builds credibility and a strong foundation for any clean website due to the few aspects take into consideration that go into it such as the backlinks, user behaviors, machine-learning signals, and page optimizations.

From a buying perspective, customers doing their homework is a good thing. When you use appropriate tactics to relay your messages for instance, if you have any good deals or offers, or new products on the market. The way you approach how the message is placed in front of the user i.e. the SEO, methods used, will enhance the visibility to potential customers.

Last but not the least, advertising with this type of method is free. When people search online for any particular thing, google ranks it based on specific algorithms, which can be found on their website

What these do is it finds the best words or content results for that search item. So it is about making sure you do your homework when it comes to adding the right keywords, links, and phrases, and not so much about placing paid adverts online.SEO TestimonialsHaving Testimonials – Good or Bad?

Any good SEO agency knows that when people are looking for their services, their first go-to is reviews and testimonials from customers who have used their services. What they say can be as important as any other process in choosing the right agency.

When testimonials include proof of work and results, even better. That is why testimonials are not just for SEO companies, but for any other company on the market.  Having user testimonials is fundamental to building trust and credibility towards your business.

There are ways to acquire client SEO testimonials, which include simply sending them a follow-up email asking them politely to rate your services or by having a page on your website with a form for them to include their ratings directly without having been asked. Whatever method you use, this is a very strong way of showing the public and your potential customers that you are a business people can rely on.

It is your businesses ‘proof of life’ and by strategically placing these on a dedicated testimonial page, perhaps on the ‘About Us’ page or at the bottom of all the pages as a footer, you hone in on the idea that your services are exceptional.

At the end of the day, we all want more business and this is a good way to keep things transparent. Fathering as many as you can both good and bad can add brownie points to any business and its website and is highly recommended.

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