Steps to add Bank Account Details in Google AdSense [with images]

how to add bank account details in Google AdSense

Yaay, Successfully reached threshold amount in Google AdSense, Now I would like to transfer my Google AdSense money to my personal bank account, could anyone tell me how to add bank account details in Google AdSense?

Yes, it’s kinda easy to add bank account details in Google AdSense, just follow my step by step tutorial to add your bank account to Google Adsense.

Google AdSense is the best advertising network among all other networks because AdSense ads will be display based on the content you were written on your blogs.

Once you got an approval from Google AdSense, Simply you need to place an ad code on your website to display the ads.

Based on the ad impressions, ad clicks google will pay some amount of money to the webmasters but to get the money you need to add bank account details in Google AdSense.

For each geography Google has separate threshold amount frequencies, if you reached the threshold amount then Google will pay you the money through different payment methodsIn order to receive the money you must has to add bank account details in Google AdSense.

Take some special care while adding a bank account details in Google AdSense because your AdSense money will be on hold if you did any mistakes while submitting your bank account details in Google AdSense.

Let me explain you step by step wise to add bank account details in Google AdSense so that you will feel more comfy with the process.

Steps to add Bank Account Details in Google AdSense

You need to have fully approved Google AdSense account to add bank account details in Google AdSense as well your AdSense money need to reach minimum a threshold of $10 dollars.

Let me explain you the steps to add Bank account details in Google AdSense

Step-1) To add bank account details in Google AdSense, first you need to log-in to your Google AdSense account.

Step-2) Once you logged-in, Now you will see menu options in left sidebar(refer the image)

Google AdSense Home PageStep-3) Now you need to click on Settings->Payments option from the left sidebar(refer the image).

add payment method option

Step-4) Once you clicked on “Payments” option, You will be displayed earnings page, Here you need to click on “Add Payment Method” (refer the image).

add payments method option

Note: Add bank account details option will be disabled if your AdSense amount didn’t reach a minimum amount of $10 threshold.

Step-5) In this step you need to enter all your bank account details, they are

  • Beneficiary Id (optional)
  • Name on bank account(*)
  • Bank name(*)
  • IFSC code (*)
  • SWIFT BIC(*): – A SWIFT BIC, often just called BIC, is an 8 or 11 character identification code for a particular bank.

What it looks like: Your bank’s SWIFT BIC may be printed at the top of your bank statements. Or, contact your bank to get their code.

  • Account number(*)
  • Re-Type Account number(*)
  • Intermediary bank (ask your bank): – If your wire transfer is going through an intermediary bank, it must be based in the United States.
  • Intermediary SWIFT-BIC (optional).
  • FFC or FBO (ask your bank): – If your bank requires For Further Credit (FFC) or For Benefit Of (FBO), add the instructions exactly as your bank specifies.

Indicated with (*) are mandatory fields, You must have to provide all the details to proceed further to add a bank account in Google AdSense, rest are the options optional.

Step-6) Make sure to enter proper account bank details and click on “Save” button to add bank account details in Google AdSense.

add bank account details in google adsense

Note: If your address in a bank account and address in AdSense account doesn’t match then you may face payment hold issue, so make sure have the same address in both the options to avoid payment hold option.

These are the complete steps to add bank account details in Google AdSense, hope you are eagerly waiting to receive AdSense money to your bank account, isn’t it? Yes, read the below key points to understand the complete AdSense money transaction receiving information.

What is Payment Threshold in Google AdSense?

Threshold refers to a minimal amount of earnings you need to get before getting paid by the AdSense, you won’t get paid for the month you earned $40 but when you earned $90 the coming month you will get paid totally $130 by the AdSense team. Payment threshold differs by the currency, some sample values are

  • U.S.A. Dollar $100
  • Euro €70
  • British Pound £60
  • Yen ¥10000
  • Australian Dollar A$100

When do I get Paid after money transferred from Google AdSense?

Basically, AdSense will calculate the income for the period of a month and they will start the transactions in the last week of every month depending on the payment method which you choose and sometimes it may delay for 2-3 days to get the payment. Some methods & Calculations you can see

  • Standard delivery checks in USA Country—>1-2 weeks
  • Standard delivery checks Non-USA countries—> 2-6 weeks
  • Secure delivery checks—> 5-7 weeks
  • Bank Transfer/EFT payments—> 4-10 days
  • Western Union Quick Cash—> 1 day
  • Rapida payments—> 2 days

Above calculations are based on the experience of bloggers but it may take early or delay in the Google AdSense Payment Method, but mostly you will get paid by the AdSense schedule.

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