How to Access inmotion Webmail? [Complete Guide]

access inmotion webmail

Yay, I have created email accounts in inmotion hosting cPanel, Now I would like to use those email accounts for communication purpose, I have tried all the options, but I couldn’t find the right way to access inmotion Webmail, can anyone guide me about,inmotion hosting email login?

Yeah, Follow my instructions carefully, I’ll guide you, to access inmotion Webmail in a simple way.Basically, There are several ways to access your email accounts such as you can check in computers,iPhone and in many Webmail clients.

Most secure and reliable resource is Webmail, Webmail in a tool, which can help us to send, receive an email from one account to another email accounts.

All Webmail is online, you need not set up any software to use Webmail tool, you can easily use Webmail software in the web browser by login with your credentials.

Inmotion hosting is one of the best Web Hosting registrars in the world, Inmotion hosting facilitate an each and every web hosting need for their customers.

Inmotion Hosting offers several Webhosting plans to their customers, In every plan, they will allow you to create unlimited professional domain name extension email accounts for your needs.

Once you have created email accounts, you can go to, Inmotion Hosting Webmail login page and by validating your credentials you can enter into inmotion Webmail.

In today’s article, I’ll navigate you to access inmotion Webmail in simple steps, carefully follow all my instructions.

How to Access inmotion Webmail?

Every WebHosting registrar allows their customers to create professional email accounts for communication needs, few hosting registrar charges you some bucks, some registrar offers in free of cost.

I’m sure, if the registrar is charging you bucks then they will provide you stunning features for your needs although, we don’t underestimate the free offering resources.

Inmotion hosting registrar also offers you to create unlimited email accounts with free of cost, after creating email accounts, you can access inmotion Webmail for your communication needs.

Let me guide you stepwise instructions to access inmotion Webmail through Webmail clients so that you will feel comfy with the process.

Steps to Access inmotion Webmail

To access inmotion Webmail, you already need to have created email accounts in your cPanel account.If you are not aware of the process to create email accounts in inmotion hosting cPanel, then click the given link to create it.

Basically, it’s very easy to access inmotion Webmail, Let me explain you in simple ways.

Step-1) To access Inmotion Webmail, you do not need to install any software on your local computer.

First, open your favorite web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and etc.

Now type your domain name URL such as in your browser to open inmotion Webmail login page.

Step-2) In InmotionHosting Webmail Login Page, you need to enter your email address and password.

Note: You need to enter your email address password in the field, not your inmotion hosting cPanel password.

Step-3) Once you logged in, now you need to click on one of the 3 Webmail clients to access Inmotion Webmail.

inmotion Webmail clients are:

SquirrelMail: This Webmail client has limited features and recommended to choose from small niche business websites.

Horde: Inmotion Horde Webmail client has advanced features, and recommended to choose from all type of websites.

Roundcube: Very clean and decent look and it’s similar to Mac Mail outlook and recommended for medium scale business websites.

How to Access inmotion WebmailClick on any one of the mentioned Inmotion Webmail clients, you will be open email interface, now start to use your email activities.

These are the complete steps and instructions to access inmotion webmail in your account.

FAQs about to Access inmotion Webmail

Q) I cannot log into inmotion webmail

A) If you are not prompted for username and password then instead of visiting try with in browser.

Q) I Don’t Know whether I should click on SquirrelMail, Horde, or Roundcube!

A) Recommended to choose Horde for the blogs , if you need simple and clean interface then you may choose Roundcube.

Do You have any Queries? Need Assistance to fix the issue? Just drop your valuable comments, I’ll get back to you soon to resolve it.

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