How to go to cPanel in GoDaddy? [Complete Guide]

cPanel in GoDaddy

Do you want to access Linux shared hosting cPanel in GoDaddy? Don’t you want to configure database information in GoDaddy’s cPanel?

If ‘yes’, then you came to the right place, in this article I’ll share the information about how to go to cPanel in GoDaddy and furthermore instructions.

You can easily access cPanel in GoDaddy, and you can customize database, email configurations, FTP configurations and etc. login to GoDaddy cPanel.

GoDaddy is one of the best web hosting registrar in the world, it server across the world with their best cheap hosting plans.

GoDaddy not only provides hosting plans, in addition to plans, it offers security, cloud infrastructure, and etc. services to their customers.

You can find all these plans, services at affordable cost, and you can manage your website effectively.

First, let me tell you, what type of activities you can do with GoDaddy cPanel.

You can create a new email account in GoDaddy cPanel, with free of cost, moreover emails are domain extension, and you can create as many as you want.

At any time, if you want to develop your website from scratch, you can do it by reset hosting account in GoDaddy.

Once you create the emails, you can easily access webmail in GoDaddy, even you can go to delete an email account in GoDaddy in simple steps.

You can update domain contact information in GoDaddy cPanel. You can change cPanel password in GoDaddy.

You can add a subdomain in GoDaddy through cPanel, you can migrate data center in GoDaddy.

If you registered a wrong domain name, then you can go for delete domain name in GoDaddy cPanel.

You can enable auto-renewal in GoDaddy, you can easily unlock domain name in GoDaddy, and by following few simple steps you can set up domain forwarding in GoDaddy.

These are the few most important things you need to know about GoDaddy hosting, but most of them ask you to login cPanel in GoDaddy.

Once you login cPanel in GoDaddy, you can easily do it, such as backup website in GoDaddy, GoDaddy cPanel email login configurations and etc.

But for access cPanel in GoDaddy, you need to have cPanel username and password, let me tell you how to find cPanel username and password GoDaddy.

#How to find cPanel username and password GoDaddy?

You just need to have website cPanel username and password in GoDaddy, once you register hosting and domain name with GoDaddy, you will receive a welcome email from GoDaddy.

In that welcome email, you will receive cPanel username and cPanel password on your website.

In case if you did not receive any welcome email from GoDaddy, then you may reach out GoDaddy support team to resolve your issue.

#What is the use of GoDaddy cPanel?

You can manage your website configurations through GoDaddy cPanel, you can create emails with domain name extension.

In GoDaddy cPanel, you can backup your website data, you can configure database information, and you can install WordPress through GoDaddy cPanel.

You can verify hosting stats, domain servers’ information and much more you can through GoDaddy cPanel.

So as a blogger, you just need to aware of GoDaddy cPanel access information for managing website effectively.

Now let me share you How to go to cPanel in GoDaddy?

How to go to cPanel in GoDaddy? [Complete Guide]

GoDaddy control panel login makes websites configurations easy, and you can easily access cPanel GoDaddy by following few below steps.

Actually, in one word I can say that, cPanel GoDaddy is the center place, the backbone of your website.

Once you install themes in WordPress, all theme files, plugin files, coding files will be available in cPanel GoDaddy.

We can access GoDaddy cPanel login in a couple of ways, let me share you both ways so that you can easily access your cPanel in GoDaddy.

#Steps to access cPanel in GoDaddy

Step-1) To access cPanel in GoDaddy, first, open your favorite browser and type:

https://[[ipaddress]]:2087/ in URL bar.

Replace IP address with your website IP address.

Tip: You can find IP address in GoDaddy registration email or contact support team to help you.

Step) After typing https://[[ipaddress]]:2087/ address on the address bar, you will be open the GoDaddy cPanel login page.

Here you need to enter GoDaddy cPanel username and GoDaddy cPanel password.

Username: root

Password: Your GoDaddy account password.

Tip: GoDaddy registration email you will find these credential information.

Step-3) Click “OK” button to proceed further and to access GoDaddy cPanel.

One more simple way to access cPanel in GoDaddy shared hosting is:

Step-1) Open web browser and type http://your domain name/cpanel URL in Address bar

Replace ‘your domain name’ with, actual domain name.

Step-2) Enter GoDaddy cPanel username and GoDaddy cPanel password and click on Login button.

You will be log into cPanel shared hosting in GoDaddy.

Note: You can also access GoDaddy cPanel through your GoDaddy customer account.

These are the complete details and steps to access cPanel in GoDaddy.

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