8 Tips to Choose the Best Web Hosting for E-commerce Website (Guide)

choose the best web hosting for ecommerce

Website development has its own crucial parts, among which web hosting is vital. Hosting is the finest collection of special computers, which are rather termed as servers.

It comprises of CMS, web pages, images, scripts, videos and various other important files, as displayed on a web browser. If you ever come across a Google search, you will find thousands of websites with the best web hosting services.

After you are through with purchasing the domain name, it is time to receive emails and calls for procuring this facility. When it is about time to choose a web hosting provider, most users are usually bombarded with questions.

  • Which company should you go for?
  • What will be the location of a server?
  • Which one is better; Windows or Linux?
  • Do you go for Shared, VPS, Dedicated or Cloud hosting?

Some simple and easy tips will help you dedicate toward the best web hosting service provider for your e-commerce website. Just follow the norms well.

1. The kind of host you need:

Understanding business needs help in narrowing web hosting options. If your plan revolves around a website with video blogging, visitor registration, and live streaming for 24 hours, then your website is in need of more features than a standard one.

Websites with good functionalities are known to work great on shared servers. These are primarily designed to accommodate smaller websites with limited demands.

2. Technical support and its considerations:

Before you head for a web hosting for the e-commerce site, it is mandatory to check for its customer service and technical support.

It is solely important if your website is your source of income. It is rather mandatory when you are just launching your website as you want to learn more about how to upload the file, get started with the website, create the email account and the list goes on.

Opt for the best web hosting company with around the clock technical based support. The chosen web host will help in offering support through various channels. Some of those are

  • IM
  • Chat
  • Email
  • Phone

Make sure to check on average response time to requests and questions for help. A service provider with a quicker response is the one to choose.

3. Check on hosting needs: 

You can never end up with the best web hosting provider unless you are sure of your needs. So, before proceeding further with the choice, think what you really want. For that, you might want to ask yourself some questions.

  • What are the kinds of websites you are planning to build?
  • Are you looking for something common like WordPress?
  • Do you think your website needs special software?
  • How big or small you want your web traffic to be?
  • Are you looking for Windows Applications?

Make sure to picture in your mind the right kind of website you are planning to get. After that, choosing the right web hosting plan will turn out to be much easier.

4. Whether Linux or windows: 

While going for Magento development, you may get confused between two most popular OSs available on web servers.

Those two options are Windows and Linux. Windows are known to host windows products like ASP technology, Microsoft Frontpage, visual Interdev and even Microsoft Access. Linux, on the other hand, has its own sets of features incorporated in the package.

  • Even though both the options are quite useful, Linux servers are often considered to be relatively cheaper because it is proprietary software.
  • Linux is also considered to be quite stable for longer duration without fail and designed to handle various concurrent procedures.
  • The configuration or updating of Windows server might require a reboot, which isn’t required for Linux servers.
  • Linux is less prone to virus attacks and malware, giving rise to more security.

5. Uptime scores or server reliability:

24 x 7 operating web host happens to be the most important feature to look for in hosting servers. You are about to look for a host, which is not just stable on the server, but in network connection as well.

Anything below the mark of 99% is not acceptable. Premium accounts are designed to boost around 99.99% or even better uptimes.

You even have the right to track web host with some server monitoring tools. Most of these tools are free of cost or might charge you quite less. Some even have the free trial period to try your hands on it.

6. Check out for the bandwidth: 

Most of the new websites won’t use bandwidths. But that does not mean this method is completely obsolete. For choosing to host for the E-commerce website, you need to leave some space for growth, and that calls for bandwidth space.

Remember to check that your selected web hosting firm does not lock you within a limited bandwidth. It should not charge you with additional fees as well, in case you are planning to revise hosting plan for later use.

7. Smooth user interface or control panel: 

Make sure to go for a web hosting provider offering the control panel to the package. With the help of this panel, you get the opportunity to handle website’s functions and its administrative services.

The common control panel of the lot has to be cPanel. It provides you with the right to make the necessary change to a site without facing a single glitch.

8. Can go for Drupal provider: 

For excellent flexibility, Drupal is the first and foremost name that crosses your mind. For taking ultimate advantage of this feature, you might have to go for a compatible server.

As a major part of this procedure to choose the perfect web hosting for Drupal, you need to choose one with the latest updated version of Drupal. This will ensure maximum stability, security and even reliability at its best.

The more you research, the better information you will come across regarding web hosting providers. Make sure to go through each feature separately of the service providers before you end up choosing one for your use.

Research is no doubt a bit time consuming, but in the end, the wait is worth every second you have invested in it.

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