7 Expert SEO Tips to Get Your Content Ranked (Proven Tips)

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Regardless of how well your website is doing, everyone needs SEO. Being ranked on the first page of Google not only drives traffic to your website – it sets you up as an authority on the subject you are ranking for.

However, SEO is constantly changing and the reality is that, unless backed by experts, most companies struggle with getting ranked.

At a point in time, you probably would have felt like you are not getting anything from your site despite the numerous posts on it. All you need to do is to understand some basic SEO tips which will help you in ranking your contents.

To add some context, people publish over 1,400 blog posts every minute. So, your content has to battle with several blog posts and sites for ranking.

With this in mind, Seoguestposts packaged seven great expert tips to get your contents ranked. However, before we go on, you need to have some basic knowledge of how SEO works.

#Criteria for Ranking a Post

Most search engines have several criteria for ranking a website or content. These criteria are numerous, but some of them are:

  • Quality backlinks: The score of a backlink affects your content rank. You should make sure that your content has backlinks from reliable sources with quality articles.
  • Content: Search engines give regards to excellent content, keywords and sometimes length. In addition to this, plagiarism will affect your site rank. Avoid it.
  • Technical SEO: The performance of your site matters. Your site should be fast and optimized for smartphones. Most Search engines will not rank the websites that are not mobile friendly during a mobile search.
  • Click Through Rate (CTR): CTR is the ratio of time that a user clicks a particular search listing to the number of time it appears on search results.

Tips on How to Get Your Content Ranked

1.  Quality Content

Search engines look for quality content not massive quantities of content. They will appreciate if your posts are readable, unique and succinct.

Quality SEO content

Use the relevant keywords for the content. Include the keywords in the title tag, H1 tag and particularly in the page’s body. Do not forget to make articles easy to comprehend.

Always note that the more useful, controversial or funny your content is, the higher your CTR will be. However, for you to maintain the CTR, you need to be consistent.

2. Title

We live in the age of “too much information” instead of not enough information. You cannot expect people to read all the posts in a bid to find the most useful ones.

Most of the time, people read the headlines and probably the first paragraph of the post to determine its usefulness.

SEO title

Your headline is your first contact with your audience. It determines if your audience will go on with your posts or not.

As a result, you need to give them a reason to read your blog post by providing a compelling title.

Remember, a title should be catchy and be compelling for the readers to click your post. In addition to this, you need to integrate the right keywords into the heading of your content for it to rank.

3. Your Audience’s Interest

Is there anything that you feel your audience will like to know? Do you think there is a controversial area that your readers will be eager to argue out? Why not write on it?

SEO audience

People want to be up to date. So, write on contemporary issues, and you will be surprised how your readers will share your contents.There will also be an increase in the CTR of your website.

In addition to this, you should give the readers an opportunity to air their opinions. You can do this through an opinion poll.

You can also include comment section on your website to allow them to comment and argue.

Several sites and tools exist solely for the purpose of aggregating relevant, trending news. You can get information on contemporary issues from Quora, Google Trend among others.

4. Promote Your Content

For your post to rank better, you need to promote your content. Take your posts to where your audience is. To do this, you can share your content on social media or give a notification via email.

Promotion of content

These days, people are always on social media. They read social media posts more than an ordinary blog post.

As a result, you need to create social media post and include a backlink to your site. With this, your audience could click on your page.

This method is more suitable for people with a lot of follower and fans.

5. Recreate Your Content

Another thing that you can do to improve your blog rank is content recreation. You might probably have written several articles in the past which made your website rank better.

These articles could be relevant but not up to date.SEO content

All you need to do is to go back to the contents and update all the necessary parts.

Make sure that you optimize all the texts, make it more SEO friendly and change the stock photo possible. Proofread for mistakes and optimize the keywords.

6. Include a Visual

Content visuals

Based on research, posts with visuals are more exciting to read and easy to comprehend. Incorporate relevant images and videos on your blog to for better SEO result.

In addition to this, videos and images are suitable for user engagement.

A visual can pass across a message of thousand words without wasting time.

7. Optimize Your Website

Website speed is crucial for ranking purpose. Search engines expect your website to load within two seconds. The faster your site, the better its chance to rank.

Website optimization

Apart from this, you need to optimize your site for mobile devices.

If your blog is not mobile friendly, it will not rank during mobile search. Thus, you will lose a significant number of organic traffic.

Conclusively, if you follow our tips faithfully, you will be surprised at the rank of your contents.

However, you need to be patient and consistent as ranking is a gradual process.

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