5 of the top Coolest Logos in the World Right Now


One of the most important features of a company is a logo. The logo of the company helps a great deal in advertising as well as in building the brand name of the organization.

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1.    Apple

Apple is the leading technology company which is at the forefront of manufacturing products such as cell phones, computers, tablets, watches and so much more.

All the apple products are pretty popular and can be easily identified with their signature logo which consists of a bitten apple. It may seem like an odd concept, but it is a really beautiful and simple design which has now become so popular and the logo to a multinational company.

The logo itself speaks for the company and can thus be deemed as one of the coolest logos in the world right now.

2.    Twitter

Social media has become a huge part of our daily lives, with various apps being created every day which people use to communicate or to share the details of their day.

One such app is twitter, which, as the name suggests, uses tweets. People communicate by sending messages known as tweets to each other, of course, with the use of hashtags. Its iconic bird logo is, again, a stunning design with a warm and inviting color.

The design makes it very easy to identify and cleverly alludes to the concept of how birds communicate to demonstrate tweeting.

3.    Starbucks

Starbucks remains to have one of the most iconic and unique logos as it contains a sea character. This logo does puzzle a lot of people since it is not exactly what they would expect from a coffee company.

It has, however, remained to be one of the coolest logos due to its mysterious and unique design. The company also brews a lot of amazing drinks which enables them to retain a lot of their customers down through the years.

4.    Netflix

Netflix is a streaming company which has become very popular over the years due to the high quality shows that they have been producing and showing. Watching shows on Netflix has become a favorite pastime for many all over the world.

Their logo consists of the name Netflix in bold, red, capital letters, against a white background. This logo often changes, but the name is often designed the same way in a classic, red appearance. It is a stylish logo that always has caught the eyes of many down through the years.

5.    Nike

Nike is a sports company that has been around for quite a long time. Their classic swoosh is a simple yet very effective and cool logo that is known all over the world.

It has found its way on sports gear, be it shoes, sneakers, jerseys, hoodies, caps, and so many more. Nike has endorsed many athletes in various fields, for instance, Serena Williams, Cristiano Ronaldo and so many others.

Big stars such as these wearing Nike merchandise help to promote the brand, thus making it one of the most famous logos and companies for a long time down throughout the years and even in the future.

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