10 Effective Blogging Tips for College Students (Guide)

Blogging Tips for College Students

Do you want to be a popular blogger? Do you use writing to get less anxious and share some thoughts with the world? Do you like to spend time reading student blogs? Are you looking for a sign to start your own blog and become famous, at least on campus? Here it is! Use there ten blogging tips on how to write a student blog. They will help you to get started and not to quit after the first obstacle you face.

Student life is not a topic

You decided to start a blog. We bet that one of your first choices is just to write about your student life. We want to warn you from the very beginning — student life is not a topic! It is a general description that can unite many topics and spheres. After you’ve decided to launch a blog, you should narrow your choices to several topics and later choose one of them as a major. You can add 3-5 supporting topics not to make your blog too “narrow-minded.”

Financial topics are always hot!

If you know a thing or two about personal finance, scholarship, student loans, legit side jobs, financial life hacks, and all this is interesting to you. You have a good place to start. Financial topics are always exciting for students with any budget. However, it is a rather serious topic, even if you are going to cover it with humor. We recommend getting some professional help from an essay writers service such as SmartWritingService for your first blog entries. A team of experienced academic writers will write papers for you with excellence within the deadline you need.

Practical life hacks but not dull ones

It is an evergreen topic for any student blog. We love lifehacks. They are always popular. However, due to the fact that they are so popular, there are many blogs and vlogs with them. How can you be sure your life hacks will be interesting to others? The only way to achieve it is to keep them strictly practical. It is better to post twice a week, but share useful hacks, than to plagiarise some hacks from other sources every day.


Every year vlogs get more popular than blogs. Watching is more popular than reading because reading requires much more attention and often takes more time. However, when starting a vlog, you should remember about the quality of your videos and sound. Also, think about the subtitles — many people prefer to watch videos without sound.

Gossip column — local but popular

If you are looking for some local popularity, you can start a news-gossip column related to your campus or a small area you live in. At first, you feel like there is nothing happening around you, but once you start digging and paying attention to small things, you can tell many interesting stories. However, remember people’s potential reactions.

Entrepreneurial ideas and offers

You can become an entrepreneur marketplace for students. Combine start-up and small business-related tips and articles with some adverts and offers. At some point, you will be even able to get a commission from those projects. Be careful with offers you get from the unknown sources, though.

Stability is crucial

Ok, you have chosen a topic, you have started, and at some point you get bored. There are periods when you want to post something every day; there are periods, which you don’t want to open your blog for weeks. It won’t work that way. If you are using your blog as a diary, it is one thing, but if you want to make it successful, you have to maintain stability. 

Use collaborations for your benefit

Students are willing to collaborate. There are indie design services willing to work with new names, local shops looking for any coverage in social media, etc. Don’t be afraid to offer collaboration for those people, and you will see how satisfying mutual interests lead to development.

Remember about promo

Again, use collaboration to promote your blog for free or almost for free. Define a sum of money, even the minimum one, to invest in promoting your blog online. There are many options — you can hire an SEO specialist, you can use Google ads, banners, etc. Choose one direction and add new ones gradually.

Proofread every post

You only think that students don’t care about mistakes. When it comes to writing, they may be careless, but when it comes to reading, we all want to read well-structured, neatly written texts. So, don’t neglect to proofread. It is a wise choice to buy a premium account at Grammarly or a similar grammar checker.

Stop reading tips on how to start your blog, grad several the most relevant ones, and just start that blog! Post every week, proofread your writing, be careful with the visual part, and don’t wait for immediate results. You can do it!

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