What is SEO and SEO Resources You Will Ever Need

Nowadays SEO is playing a major role in the blogging world, Already many of the bloggers may aware of SEO techniques & functionalities but I would like to share few more interesting SEO tips which will help you to learn easily.Basically, SEO stands for Search engine optimization, which is useful for optimizing web pages or websites in order to make them search engine friendly, but let me discuss What is SEO? in the blogging world.

What is SEO


What is SEO? and SEO Resources


As a blogger we must have to learn SEO basics and the best way to learn SEO is practicing, writing more articles by following SEO tutorials and the SEO is a subset of search engine market and most of the SEO techniques are deal with text.

The SEO technique is useful for

  • Developing a website to rank well in the most popular search engine results.
  • To get more organic traffic from search engines.
  • We can Identify what human visitors are showing interesting in the market.

Bloggers must have to aware of how to do search engine optimization but to do search engine optimization for the website it is essential to understand how search engine work.

How Search Engine Works?
In order to deliver search results search engines are performing various activities, they are

Crawling: Search engines are using crawler or spider to fetch all our webpages. In simple terms we can say that Crawling is a process to fetch all the web pages of a website into the search engine database.

Indexing: Once search engines fetch our webpages from website, then they will create index and they will keep all the web pages information in a database, so that when a user search for a query in search engines it will be retrieved from database.In simple terms Indexing can be say that saving articles in database by identifying words, expressions which will describes the page.

Processing: Once Indexing is done by the search engines, then it will process and retrieve the pages from database when the search request comes.In simple terms, we can say that I searched for “What is SEO? and how it works”,keyword in the search engine then the search engines are displaying search pages which are having “What is SEO and how it works” related keywords.

Once you are aware of how search engines are working then you can easily learn seo step by step and let me discuss the types of SEO in details

Types of SEO?

  • On-Page SEO: The On-Page SEO is nothing but providing good quality content, putting the keywords in correct place and giving appropriate titles, meta tags, meta descriptions to every page, etc.
  • Off-Page SEO: Bloggers have to follow On-Page as well as Off-Page SEO because both will help to get better search engine results.Off-Page SEO dealing with link building, link exchanges and submitting links to open directories, etc.

Hope you have understood What is SEO? and importance of SEO in the blogging world and in coming articles i will share search engine optimization tips, so that you can easily learn search engine optimization in few days.

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