How to Make Money With a Blog Exclusively For Beginners

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An exactly couple of years back blogging was just a passion, but nowadays many things has changed in blogging market, now blogging is one of the biggest online business, which anyone can take an advantage from it.Most of the time as bloggers we are depending only on Ad-Sense to Make Money With a Blog but we have much more ad networks and monetization methods which will help us to earn huge amount of money from our blogs.

Make Money With a Blog

Anyone has been using the traditional methods to make money from your blog? Alas ! Now it’s time to give a new vision and revise your blogging business plans.Make sure to do some new tweaks, changes for design and marketing of your blog.You must have to promote your blog in multiple ways, as well as in multiple resources, work hard and try to integrate new ways to your blogs so that you can Make Money With A Blog.

Especially after penguin update and page layout update, my sincere suggestion is to get rid of those Ad networks which are not allowing you to earn huge amount of money with your blog If one affiliate network is not working well then try out a new network which will give more opportunities.So in this article I’m going to share few tips on “How to Make Money With a Blog” and I will share few more useful tips which is used by top earning bloggers.

How to Make Money With a Blog


if the contextual advertisement are not making enough money then try moving to direct advertisement or affiliate advertisement because you should have to try each and every possibility to make enough money from your blog.In my point of view it’s better to have 1-high paying ad rather than having multiple low paying ads in your blog.

Viglink: Viglink is a network which will automatically invigorates the terms by transforming them into revenue generating, if you are using any type of in-text advertising then it’s time to get rid of it and install Viglink because Viglink will let you monetize your outbound links.

Affiliate Advertisement: One of the best way to Make Money With a Blog is affiliate advertisement because single sale will make approximately 10-100$ for you.In affiliate advertisement if you refer someone to any online product and when they buy a product based on your recommendation, ultimately you will receive a commission from $1-$10,000 depending on product which you are promoting.Finding success in affiliate marketing is not an easy task as well as not complicated too, because you need to be persistent, consistent and you must have proper marketing skills to be promote the products effectively.My suggestion is, if your are getting huge traffic to your blog then you can think of affiliate advertisement which will help you to Make Money with a Blog.

Referral Income: We can find many advertisement programs such as chitika,info-links and many more, they will pay per referral program, but it’s depends on your advertisement program.So you can look for referral program and try to refer your readers to that program so that both will get beneficial and you can quickly add dollars in your pocket.

Direct Advertisement: Again i’m saying Ad-sense is best advertisement program for all the bloggers but it has some limitations like you will not get paid 100% from advertisers because Ad-sense keep a great cut in between.Instead of that if you manage to grab direct advertisements like buysellads for direct advertisements you will Make Money With a Blog as much as you expected.

Paid Reviews: This program is great way to boost your income because you can quickly make anything above 10$ for a small review post but you have to take care a lot before reviewing a product.My suggestion is if you have a niche blog on any topic and if you are writing on webmaster tools, SEO topics then chances are high that many people will contact you to review their product on your blogs but you must have enough traffic to your blog before proceeding with Paid reviews.

Create and Sell EBooks: most of the top internet marketers will follow this strategy, all you need to do is, pick a topic and try to make it as eBook and put sale on your blog or some eCommerce platforms such as amazon.Sure you can earn decent amount of money with this trick by selling your own books online.

Services: Try to start your own set of services depending on what are you good at,you can start content writing services as well as logo creation services and many more are available on internet, if possible try to adopt one new-way and promote in your own blog so that you can Make Money With a Blog.

We have many options to Make Money With a Blog but I have mentioned few important things in an article and make sure to implement few of them to Make Money With a Blog and you have to try out the best option in your niche to Make Money With a Blog.

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